A1soft international Pvt. Ltd. is a company established with concrete aims to catapult the growing prospect of IT in Nepal to the un-scaleable height by providing qualitative training, developing web applications, software and other computer related job independently. Moreover, aim extends up to the country an IT superpower. a1soft, since its establishment, has been successfully contributing its services and products to the concerned individuals, school, institutes, industries, bank, companies, as well I/NGOS and government sector as per the requirements and demand. We have succeeded in living up to the promises but a great deal of the efforts needs to be the harnessed to deal with the entire areas us promises. However, it is to the satisfactory level that we have produced the efficient manpower, products, which have made excellent impression in the relevant field. A1soft has its own characteristics, beyond the competition with any other kinds of Institutions, having its own vision to act for valued education and customer satisfaction under superior professionalism.

A1soft International pvt.ltd is an ecosystem of digital products and services that facilitates Nepali consumers’ access to financial services and enables their inclusion in the formal digital economy, in simple, affordable and secure ways.

We are a diversified Digital Financial Services (DFS) holding company with over 18 months of operating experience across various iterations.

Today, we are a team of young professionals with expertise in technology and management spread across many verticals but with a common core in digital finance. Our people are skilled engineers, innovators and creative disruptors, all working towards a shared vision to serve every Nepali citizen every single day.


To connect people to digital financial services across Nepal in simple, affordable and secure ways


To become a household brand used by every Nepali to meet their daily digital consumption needs.


  • Passion with persistence
  • Collaboration and cooperation
  • Proactiveness
  • Optimism
  • Contribution to the society
  • Open Communication